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anonymous vs wbc 1

You may have heard the name Anonymous floating around a lot lately.

The “hacktivist group” showed up in the news recently when it lashed out against those evil, God’s message distorting fucknuts known as Westboro Baptist Church (seriously, how the holy hell hasn’t someone just taken that place out by now?) after the nutjobs church members announced plans to picket the funerals of victims of the Newtown, CT school shooting.

Mainstream America, who really knows little about the group, praised them for this (and rightfully so).

They posted personal phone numbers, cell phone numbers, addresses, links to Facebook profiles (private ones, not church ones), Instagram accounts and so on.

By the time this is all done the people of WBC will be lucky if their social security numbers, credit card numbers, back account numbers and such aren’t given out to identity thieves for free.

In fact, this may just be the tip of the iceberg lol.

In March of 2011 I wrote about another one of Anonymous‘s aggressive hack jobs.

It involved a leading cyber-security firm, HPGary Federal, whose CEO decided he’d go on television and talk about how they were “closing in on revealing the identities of the group” and so on.

And how did Anonymous react to that braggadocio?

Anonymous hacked HPGary’s website, replacing it with an Anonymous image and “greeting” that detailed their actions.

They begin with, “Greetings HPGAry (a computer “security” company), then go on to say:

“Your recent claims of “infiltrating” Anonymous amuse us, and so do your attempts at using Anonymous as a means to garner press attention for yourself. How’s this for attention?

You brought this upon yourself. You’ve tried to bite at the Anonymous hand, and now the Anonymous hand is bitch-slapping you in the face.”

Anonymous then went on to download HPGary’s email, uploading 66,000 emails to Pirate Bay, then hacked Barr’s email and Twitter accounts, posting Barr’s address, cell phone and social security number, and leaving various taunting and offensive messages.

Hell, they even remotely accessed the man’s iPad and wiped it clean for good measure.

In another ironic touch, Anonymous also posted the information on themselves—information which HPGary was going to sell to the FBI. Anonymous noted that the information gathered by HPGary is either publicly available Anonymous’ IRC networks or plain “nonsense.”

Daily Kos reported that Anonymous also deleted the firm’s back-up files.”

So, um, yeah.

If they can do that to one of the nation’s cyber-security firms things could be getting real ugly, real soon for those inbred assclowns over at Westboro Baptist Church.



UPDATE: This raging assclown is STILL at it.

The most recent post on the fake ass “R.I.P. Sandy Hook Elementary” Facebook page is asking people to “subscribe to our community page”.

R.I.P Sandy Hook Elementary School Children1


Funny thing is, the idiot didn’t have the common sense to remove other posts on the thing. By simply scrolling down you see tons of shots of stacks of cash, as if this fool is some sort of baller.

Go down to the actual day of the damn shootings and you find THIS posted on the “community page”

R.I.P Sandy Hook Elementary School Children2


Some f***in’ people just make me sick.

A fella who goes by “Whiskey”, at the Whiskey & The Morning After Blog directed my attention something that is just absolutely wretched.

An assclown (Nick Shawn Moss, a.k.a. Cardy Cherry) is trying to cash in on the Newtown Tragedy to promote himself as an artist.

Here’s the nuts & bolts of it.

He’s trying to cash in on the Newtown tragedy by “gaming” the mechanics of Facebook.

He changed the name of his page to, loaded it up with pictures of the event and is racking up “Likes” & “Subscribers” so that down the road when he changes it all back he’ll be in hundreds of thousands of timelines.

UPDATE: He has since either temporarily shut it down then reset the “creation date” or used some other trick to make it appear as if it was created in December. Whiskey has screengrabs from the showing it was created in August though, as shown below.

He will also start showing up eventually on all of those people’s friends timeline via that mechanism that forces you to see “<your aunt>, <your brother>, <that guy you knew in high school> likes Wal-Mart”.

He’s gaming the mechanics of Facebook for free advertising, using this event as the means.

I am going to go pour a stiff one just thinkin’ about that douchebaggery so I’ll let Whiskey take it from here:

On Monday, December 17th, I logged into Facebook and saw that a friend of mine had “liked” a page supposedly dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Like probably everyone else who has Facebook, Twitter, or any other sort of social media, half of my newsfeed was filled with posts, images and links about this national tragedy.

As my mouse hovered over the page entitled “R.I.P Sandy Hook Elementary School Children”, I noticed it had over 200,000 likes and growing. I decided to check it out.

My suspicions were confirmed when I saw images downloaded from news sites with the instructions to:


Now this is normally standard fare for some scammer sites on Facebook but when I checked out the personal profile, I wanted to throw my laptop through the window in a fit of rage. This person is using the tragedy of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary to promote his personal music profile as well as his page called “Lil Brown“. He is on a label called “We Are Young Money“.

This guy is apparently some aspiring low level hip hop artist who is using the deaths of teachers and children to gain web traffic and cash in on it.

Now I’ve seen some really disgusting use of tragic events to make money but I think this one deserves the “shit head of the century” award.

The offending page was started in August, 4 months before the events of 12-14-2012 and “Cardy Chery” changed the name of the page in order to cash in on publicity surrounding the massacre.

There’s plenty of pages who use images with “like if you think she’s beautiful, ignore if you have no heart”.

You’ve seen them, those pictures that your friend “liked” along with 607,890 other people and the text “add me to get 5,000 followers”. They also do that with pictures of injured pets, disabled children soldiers returning from war, and anything else to gain the most “likes and shares” possible.

They do this to fill your news feed with game requests, spam for Viagra, Air Jordans, etc. Even legitimate pages do the “like and share” thing as a way to expand their audience on social media without having to pay for it.

In this case, I think we’ve found someone who found a new low. I’ve enclosed a couple screenshots as evidence along with the links provided.

I went as far as to “screencapture” the entire offending page, just in case the jackwagon decides to change it back because of all the heat. You can see the thing right HERE & HERE.

Source: Whiskey & The Morning After Blog