I am a music junkie, No “ifs” , “ands” or “buts” about it. I grew up in a household where a passion for it wasn’t optional…it was issued at birth.

I grew up listening to everything from Al Green, Bill Haley, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Martha & the Vandellas to Earth, Wind & Fire.

Moving to Virginia Beach, a cultural crossroads in America, in my teens only enhanced those eclectic musical tastes.

I have Dj’d in all the local clubs during the “Golden Age of Hip-Hop” in the mid-to-late 90’s, produced a series of mixtapes for years that set the musical tone for the Va Beach oceanfront in the process & covered hip-hop and r&b for a newspaper with a daily circulation of just under one million people.

I lost my passion for a while, but now I am back. With a vengeance.

So strap yourself in, I am about to take you for one hell of a damn ride.



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