Douche Bag Nike Designer Jason Petrie Blames Adidas For Derrick Rose’s Torn ACL

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Sports
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by Robert Littal @ Black Spots Online

There is two things that should be clear.

Petrie is a jerk and a coward.

First here is why he is a jerk:

“Pooh” is a nickname that Derrick Rose’s grandmother gave him. If you are a professional like Petrie claims to be, don’t act like an idiot.

Nike is salty that Rose stayed with Adidas and that is fine, but Rose just torn his ACL. Save it for another day and worry about those sweatshops you got going on. I am sure if we went down the Nike roster we can find many players who have been injured playing in Nike shoes.

You know, kind of like this guy:

Here is the reason why Petrie is a coward:

Petrie was very disrespectful the night before, if you are going to say something say it with your chest. He was talking about Internet thugs and how he doesn’t give a damn, until he became part of the story.

Next time just know your role and shut your mouth, because I am sure Nike has a long list of designers waiting to replace Petrie.



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