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ZOMG. I’m going to sleep now. Wake me next summer.


One of the top 230 spinners on the planet – as voted for by DJ Magazine clubbers – Rebecca Saforia’s energetic and engaging style is setting dance floors across the world alight.

Kicking off her summer with a headline set at Judgement Sundays for Radio 1’s Judge Jules, Rebecca’s inimitable and progressive brand of dance has also been tearing up the global club scene.

A regular face behind some of the world’s most prestigious decks, Rebecca’s been ripping the roofs off such legendary superclubs as Gatecrasher, Pacha, Cream, Egg and Ministry of Sound.

She smashed the Gatecrasher Arena at this year’s BPM at the Birmingham NEC, alongside Judge Jules, Jordan Suckley and Grandmaster Flash and others.

She added:

“As a female DJ I didn’t get taken seriously by promoters to start off with, but as soon as they saw what I did to their dance floors, there’s been no stopping me!”

This year she has been voted one of the biggest female DJ’s on the planet with only Claudia Cazacu and Lisa Lashes ranking above.

Twenty-six stations in eleven nations – electronic music lovers around the globe are also tuning into her monthly FM radio and online show, Oxygen Sessions.

Some of today’s biggest DJs have performed for Oxygen Sessions, including Top 100 DJs Sied Van Riel, Mike Koglin, and Daniel Wanrooy – with new big-name guests helping her corrupt the airwaves every month.

You can find her website HERE.

It has been a long time since Common has been in a beef of any significance, but now he has beef. Is he talking…sort of. In this video clip, Mr. Sense speaks on what is going on with him and his recent verbal slaying of some unknown rapper.

Just so you know, the running “best guess” amongst writers and hip-hop lovers is that the targeted “phantom rapper” is none other than that no-talent-overrated-Canuckian Drake.

Watch below: