Boy, 1, shot 'in the head' and seven other people injured in hail of gunfire as Rap video was being filmed.

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Life, Music
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AllHipHop.Com said it best:

I’m telling you, people…we have to do better! These damn people are bringing guns and little kids to video shoots! And a kid got shot!

The 1-year old boy, Hiram Lawrence, was shot when about six men ran up on a rapper set and just started firing rounds. Other people – eight – were shot and sent to the hospital. As for lil Hiram, he is in critical condition from his injuries. Apparently, the boy was shot as his dad ran for cover.

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

A one-year-old boy is undergoing surgery after he was shot in a hail of gunfire which also injured seven other people along a California street.

Hiram Lawrence was apparently shot in the head when an estimated six gunmen targeted a group filming a rap video in Oakland yesterday.

He was in a critical condition and needed an emergency operation to relieve swelling on his brain, relatives said.

He had been driven to the city’s Children’s Hospital by his father, who also suffered a gunshot wound, it was reported on KTVU-TV.

Oakland Police Lieutenant Robert Chan said: ‘We are aware of a one-year-old boy who was shot – possibly in the head – in critical condition right now.’

The others had also been taken to nearby hospitals by people on the scene before officers arrived.

All were suffering from gunshot wounds and four were in a serious condition, authorities said.


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