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Ashley Alexandra Dupré, who provided companionship by the hour to now-former New York governer Eliot Spitzer, has a pathetic attempt at a, *cough*hack*cough*, recording career that could take off now that everyone knows who she is.

Of course, Dupré’s MySpace and Amie Street pages have exploded in popularity over the past week, as the same knuckleheads that watch Jerry Springer, Judge Judy and any one of a hundred craptastic reality shows on the airwaves now rushed to their cpus and marched like lemings to the two sites.  The same scandal that removed Spitzer from office could install Dupré as a pop star.  Once again too many of you have mistaken infamy for fame.

Some might see this as a natural progression, after all.  If a crew of strippers can qualify as a bonafide musical act, why not a New York callgirl?  Besides, she certainly wouldn’t be the first to release an album on the strength of a sex scandal, and sadly won’t be the last.

Billboard asked three major A&R executives about Dupré’s chances at pop stardom.  Highlights:

“I think her song is absolutely terrible. If people are interested in signing her, then they shouldn’t be in the music business.” -Chris Anokute, Senior A&R Director, Capitol Records

“Right now, she has a platform to reach the masses, which is the toughest thing for a new artist to attain. Whether it’s a good platform or a bad one, either way she has it. It all comes down to the music at the end of the day. If the music is good, she’ll be able to get it heard.” – Brian Bergen, A&R Manager, Atlantic Records

“She has a platform; its just a matter of spinning off negative and making it positive.”  – Conrad Dimanche, A&R Consultant, Bad Boy

“Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis then reached out to Dupre, offering $1 million for her to appear in a non-nude spread for his company’s new magazine and a chance to join the “Girls Gone Wild” tour bus.

But in the last 48 hours Francis’ Mantra Films announced it had withdrawn the offer after it unearthed video of her shot in March 2003 in Miami. Dupré’s lawyer, Don A. Buchwald, immediately took steps to inform Francis that the New Jersey native, her birthday being April 30, 1985, was only 17 when the footage was taken.

But Francis tells E! News he’s going ahead with the release anyway, albeit not for at least a few days while his lawyers debate the repercussions.

“We are getting pressure from her lawyer,” Francis said at his Santa Monica, Calif., office Wednesday. “As soon as we withdrew the million dollar offer—he is just mad because her price has dropped. Even if she was only 17, we could still release it. There was no sexual contact. There’s only nudity.”

According to Francis, as long as there’s no sexual content, he can go ahead and post the footage online. He added that the video will be up “in the next couple of days.”

But as unsavory as that sounds, legal experts say there’s apparently something to his argument.

“I understand there is toplessness in this video, but no sexual conduct,” Loyola Law School professor Stan Goldman told E! News. “The federal case in Florida, Lane v. MRA Holdings, that [GGW] are relying on would be relevant because this video was shot in Florida.

“This case defines what minors are precluded from consenting to and from the language it does not appear to preclude her from appearing topless as long as she is not paid.”

A company rep said in a press release that Dupré signed the requisite paperwork before hopping aboard the GGW bus in 2003. Francis said that, in addition to topless shots of Dupré, he has tape of her kissing other girls.

“It would seem that he has a plausible legal argument to publish [the footage],” Goldman said. “I think he clearly has some cover in terms of prior case law. It would appear that he has a decent argument that she can consent to it even if she is under 18, which I understand they are not even sure that she was.

“This statute that they are referring to in this case lists 30 things that a minor cannot consent to and this [being topless] is not one of them.”

Lost in all this bullshit is the fact that it is just that…bullshit.  This god damn Roman Coliseum mob mentality we have is just dragging us down to the point of the lowest common denominator. Again.

We are creeping up on over 4,000 U.S. casualties in Iraq now, the cost of the war is estimated ( I say “estimated” because the Bushies do a marvelous job at fudging the numbers on this) at $1 trillion and the economy is absolutely in the shitter right now with a majority of experts predicting it will be late 2009 before we work our way out of it.

So will you people please, and I mean PLEASE, keep your eye on the god damn ball?  As long as you continue to soak up this smut, to tune into !E to watch the latest “news” while simultaneously reading your latest edition of your favorite scandal rag, none of the truly important issues will get the attention they deserve.

Here endeth the lesson.  Damn it.