Dj Bee: The 5th Element of Hip-Hop

Posted: February 8, 2001 in Life, Music
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Dj Bee doin' what he does best.

DJ Bee. Besus tha Turntablist. Big Baby Besus.

The man who holds down the 5 to 10 slot weeknights on 102.9 FM, 103 JAMZ, goes by a basket full of names around these parts, but in the 757 he’s pretty much universally regarded as “the baddest of the bad asses on the 1’s & 2’s”.

Whether it’s when he’s cutting it up on the 7 o’clock mixtape or while he’s educatin’ the masses on “Hip-Hop Jeopardy”, for Besus it’s always about the music. “Dj’n/turntablism is my life…hip-hop is my life.”

“Oh yeah, mixtapes are my life” (he adds with a smile). “Seriously dawg, mixtapes are my other love. I’m all about keepin’ the peoples ears to the street ya know.”

And keepin’ ears to the street is what the man does best. When something drops in the 757 you can rest assured of several things:

#1) Bee will drop it first. Everyone else gets the table scraps, #2) lt won’t be hittin’ stores for weeks if not months, and #3) Just when you other DJs are puttin’ it in heavy rotation, he’s movin’ on to the next big thing…see the Nas, Jigga, and Cormega soap opera that’s been playin’ out lately.

Somewhat amusingly, we can all thank one ofthe area’s most “colorfuI” characters for Bee’s emergence onto the local scene. While Besus was attending NSU he was workin’ a gig spinnin’ at the Peninsula nightclub the Mirage.

As he put it, “there was only ‘bout 30 people in the club that night, but one of ’em was the right people.”

Then 103 JAMZ on-air personality Spice, a.k.a. Qadir was in the spot and he liked what he saw. (Side note: Y’all know Spice without really knowing him, he provides the voice for all those Ron Perry radio & TV ads and has a single, “One ln The Drop”, that’s getting’ some airplay these days.)

Anyway, the two met on a Thursday night and that Friday Bee was on the air at 103. He’s been a fixture ever since.

Yup, Philly may have borrowed one of our most beloved sons (what up A.I?), but in some kind of pseudo-karma sort of way the City Of Brotherly Love decided to let us hold on to one of hers for a while.

l’d call it a fair trade.


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