Review: Dave Hollister "Chicago '85…the Movie"

Posted: November 19, 2000 in Album Reviews, Music
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There are singers and there are storytellers. Sisqo is a singer. Case is a singer. Dave Hollister is a storyteller; one of almost magical proportions.

The former BLACKstreet member earned much critical acclaim and commercial success with his 1999 solo debut, “Ghetto Hymns,” though not much of that came from members of the opposite sex.

“All that seems to have changed now” Hollister says with a wry smile.

He’s referring to the incredible success the new album’s lead single, “One Woman Man,” is having, thanks in large part to the support it’s getting from the ladies. The song tells the story of a man who bumps into an old partner who wishes to reignite the flame. Unfortunately for hex; the old-school playa is now a devoted lover and isn’t having it.

The emotion conveyed through each note, through every vocal arrangement, feels like it comes straight from my man’s heart, if not his soul. Much like his cousin K-Ci, who lends help on the stellar cut “Keep On L0vin’,” Hollister calls upon his days in the gospel choir to help listeners feel his joy or his pain. It’s that ability that sets Hollister apart from so many of today’s run-of-the-mill R&B singers.

Hollister has definitely joined that small club of premiere R&B performers.


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