Large & In Charge, 103 Jamz Boodah Brothers own the local airwaves.

Posted: May 8, 2000 in Music
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Lawrence Brown (rear) & Christopher Belcher, a.k.a. DJ Law and Big B.

“Boodah (Boo-duh) n., adj. 1. The incorrect spelling for a religion of southern or eastern Asia, 2. nickname for that bald guy across the street with the exceptional beer gut, and 3. unseen element that stirs and uplifts the soul. 4. ammunition utilized by the Subliminal Seduca to hypnotize innocent by-standers. See WOWI 102.9 FM (103 JAMZ)”

At least that is the definition you’ll get from Lawrence Brown & Christopher Belcher, a.k.a. DJ Law and Big B. (respectively) of Boodah Brothers fame. And when it comes to all things “boodah”, who would know better?

Law and B. have been blazin’ local airwaves on 103 JAMZ for the last 9 years, a testimony to their tremendous popularity. Yet despite their success and notoriety, the pair remains firmly grounded.

Not by humility, not by the almighty lord necessarily, but thanks in most part to their boss, one Mrs. Janet Armstead, Vice President & General Manager of Clear Channel Norfolk, the mother company for WOWI.

“She keeps reminding us to be humble because there are people who would kill for our jobs.” Lawrence offers up with a sheepish grin. B. adds that “We know she loves us and she’s just kidding but we kind of like this gig so we ain’t gonna take a chance!”

With that they both erupt into laughter. And when i say erupt, l mean erupt. These cats are some big brothers, with even bigger personalities.

And why sh0udn’t they love this gig? The last three years found the two “doing it to listeners in 3D” every evening from 6-10. The Boodahs brought some of the highest Arbitron ratings in WOWI history to that time slot.

Last January, when the afternoon 2-6 slot was vacated by K.J. Holiday’s move to the “management side of tha house” (he has since left Clear Channel Norfolk for greener pastures in Detroit), it was an obvious choice as to who was going to hold down that important drive time slot from that point on.

While their creativity is somewhat hindered by the fact that”everybody in the office hasn’t gone home yet” the two have acclimated quite well to their new gig.

“ln addition to doing afternoons during the week, we recently went back to doing 6-10 on Saturdays;” Law says. “Da Boodah Spot as we call it gives us an opportunity to give our listeners some of that night time flava that made us so popular.”


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