Tha Hood Check: Chill Will

Posted: April 8, 2000 in Music
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When the name Chill Will is mentioned in discussions regarding Hampton Roads nightlife, two words automatically come to mind: longevity and relevance.

For years this master of the turntables has been workin’ just about every angle imaginable in the music biz. He’s been spinnin’, promoting parties & events (if you ever hear about some big name hip-hop act playin’ a club, it’s his gig), thr0win’ together mix shows for 98.1 FM out of Tuscon, Arizona and pretty much hustlin’ his ass off.

But his biggest claim to fame lately has been his role as the Operations Manager for Target Marketing and the “notorious” Booclah Fam.

Yup, if you wanna do business with Kool DJ Law & Big B, better known as the almighty Boodah Brothers from 103 JAMZ, you are gonna have to talk with Chill.

As for Target Marketing, let’s just say that there is plenty o’ work coming from that direction. Target serves as a localized marketing agent for major record labels like Roc-A~Fella, Ruff Ryders, and Ca$h Money.

When those labels have a project that they want out on the streets of Hampton Roads, generating a buzz, then they fire up Chill on the speed-dial.

But first, and foremost, the man’s love is the music.

“I just love it when l’m puttin’ together a mix tape or throwing a show for Hot 98. You can’t beat that kind of high…unless you’re in front of a crowd and can actually see how much the people are feelin’ your work. That kind of vibe can’t be matched. That’s why l keep coming back to it.”

Whether it’s when he’s booking the ”250 lb. plus bandits” to work a club or working on something having to do with the dynamic duo’s new record label, 7 City Records, Chill is on top of it. There is always something that needs to be done.

”These cats keep me busy, that’s for damn sure. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that”

Can l get an Amen, anyone?


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